Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Like Green

So, apparently, Ryan and I like green...a lot. Not only did we choose to paint the entire outside of our house green, we now have 4 rooms within our house that are some shade of green! But, I like shades of green. They can be calming, like our master bathroom, or energizing like our kitchen. Last night we started painting the third bedroom/craft room. I had picked out paint samples from Restoration Hardware and had them matched at Lowes, all along thinking the paint for the bedroom was more of a blue. Welp, as soon as we had that first roll of paint on it, Ryan looked over to me and says "um, this is green." I tried to play it off as long as I could saying "what are you talking about, it's so blue" but all along thinking "dang it, did I really pick out another green?!" In the end though, I think it's a pleasant blue/green mix. And so what if it is green! It's my craft room and I like it :)

I grabbed these from Restoration Hardwares website, so just try to imagine a dog haired covered couch in the room, rather than this fancy one:

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Annie said...

I like the green!! But I will also miss the Tiffany Blue...