Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jumping Dog has a new skill...

Friday on the way home from work I decided I was going to try to get some pictures of the dogs since it's staying lighter longer. So I get home, dodge the dogs claws while they are jumping up to say hello, grab my camera and head out the back door with the dogs. They wrestle for a bit right outside the door, and then they take off down the deck. I follow them down, only to realize that Larkin is not going to make the turn to get to the steps...he's going straight for the ledge! I quickly hold up my camera and push the shutter right as he's in mid-air (which is why this photo is crazy blurry). Check out the blur in the red circle:

I ran into show Ryan the picture on my camera and we just started cracking up. We always knew Larkin was a nut, but this just makes him that much nuttier! We both think it's his short cut to get away from his older brother. I got him to jump off again today while I was standing there, but my mission is to get an awesome, mid-flight shot of him from underneath...probably will wait for warmer weather though :)

Ryan and I are finishing up painting the back two rooms tonight (he's painting ceilings right now, I'm hiding at the computer pretending to do important work). Carpet comes Friday!!

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