Monday, February 16, 2009

House Update #458

Ok, so it's not really update #458, but it feels like it! Our bathroom is finished, so now we've moved back to working on the back part of our house. The craft room is drywalled, primed and ready to be painted and carpeted. Now we're getting the rec room ready to be painted and carpeted. We had our awesome drywall crew come and patch up the popcorn ceiling and the hole that my father in law fell through. Drywall dust is my nemesis, I can't stand it and it stresses me out, so this time I tried my best to keep it contained...and it might have worked...

So after the drywall was up on the ceiling, we got the carpet out, and this is how it looks now. I noticed this morning when I let the dogs out that there is an echo in there...pretty crazy. I also noticed that this is a great surface for tap dancing, if only I had some tap shoes, Ryan would loooove that!

The dogs are definitely taking advantage of having extra couches in all sorts of odd places, like this one, in our dining room/kitchen area. Please don't judge me on the condition of this couch, I'm almost embarrassed to post these pictures!! It normally has a cover on it, I promise.

I almost can't deal with Larkin's wrinkles, so precious.

This picture seems pretty peaceful to me...if you could only see whats hiding inches out of the frame :) More updates to come!

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claire said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE your dogs. SO ADORABLE.