Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stray Puppies :(

Driving home from work today I saw these sweet puppies hanging out on the side of the road!! There was a car with a family inside right next too them, so I pulled over and asked if they were their dogs. They said no, but the puppies had been following their kids around for the past couple days. I'm not really sure if I believed this story, but after I asked if they were strays, if I could take them to my vet, they said yes. So in the car they went! They are both a little beat up, some scrapes and missing hair, but they are both clean and full of food now :) We're going to call ARPO tomorrow, and hopefully they can help find these sweet faces a good home!!

Meet Pancho:

And Lefty:

Here are all four dogs, waiting for a treat :) The strays are sit better than Crosley and Larkin!


Anonymous said...

That was really nice of you guys to take in those puppies!! Chad - do you want another dog?!

Ashley said...

From - Ashley

Jennie said...

Thank you so much for taking them in. And I don't belive that story that the family told you either. Ugh.

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