Saturday, June 27, 2009


I can't help it...every time I say his name, it has to be in all caps. FLOYD!! is the cutest basset hound puppy ever. Hands down, there is no arguing here people. His ears are the softest ears in the world, and his chubby paws...ugh, I love them. Sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't trim it down anymore!!

I mean, how does this not melt your heart??!!

FLOYD, I love you, let's take more pictures soon :)

Stray puppy update: I ended up taking the puppies to the Humane Society last friday, it was so hard to leave them there, I would have loved to have kept them, but I knew that the Humane Society would get them all ready to be adopted by a loving family. On Friday, I checked the website and the little boy puppy (who we ended up calling Pancho, not Lefty) was on the site, ready to be adopted and that the girl puppy was already on hold by a family who wanted to adopt her!! That, obviously, made me so happy :) So keep your fingers crossed that Panocho finds a family soon!!


Sarah said...

I might be a little biased but thats the cutest little butt Ive ever seen

Alexa said...

I really adore the colors in these pictures. And of course the adorable little pup! :)

leesia said...

so stinkin' cute i can hardly stand it!!