Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holidays!


Michelle Wiegman said...

Hi Janie!

I know this is so random...I was reading Corey's blog and saw yours...I love your's so beautiful and fun! I had no idea! Congrats on your baby by the way. My son will be 3 March 16th, right around your due date! I have a daughter as well who is 7 months. Time flies! Hope you are doing well. You look great!

-Michelle Wiegman (Dingus)

Richard said...


You really got the talent in photography, those pictures are simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

hey Janie its brandin jaxons daddy. you know the seven month o;d you have at someone house while your selling your self in cheap hotels and was pregnant for this baby while you was with me.. anyways congrats on the baby n im sure who ever he is will be an ok dad.. take care love