Monday, October 19, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

Well hello there blog! I can't believe it's been three months since my last post. Since my last post, our 20 year old water heater started leaking. We didn't notice it soon enough, and it spread under the laminate floor we had in our kitchen and caused it to wrinkle up. Remodeling the kitchen was always in our plans with this house, but definitely not this soon. After just finishing the new living room, the carpet, the craft room (I could go on and on!) we were excited about a break in the home repair. But no, not in the plans apparently. So, the kitchen remodel started. We kept our cabinets, which are still in decent shape, but decided to update the appliances, counter tops, paint and trim...and floors, of course. As always, we had a lot of help from our family. A big thank you to my dad, for helping with the water heater and also my father-in-law, who never misses the chance to rip up something else in our house :)

Here is the floor that was ruined by the water heater. It's a little hard to see in the picture, but look close...water damage!

After ripping up the laminate...yay! Water everywhere! Including under our new carpet!!

Crosley and Larkin helping out...

The floor was so rotten that we had to replace parts of the subfloor. Good thing we know how to do this :)

Penny Lane and the floor tile...

Tile, pre-grout...

And here are the after pictures...sorry for the weird color on some of them.

We still have the old oven connected, but this will eventually be a cabinet/pantry:

So, there it is!! Ryan and I are both so happy with how it turned out. Ryan was iffy on the "white kitchen" before we started, but I think his mind has changed now :)

Some other news that has happened since my last post is that I'm pregnant! The due date is March 19th, which puts me at 19 weeks at the end of this week. We go to the doctor this Thursday to find out if it's a boy or a girl and couldn't be more excited! I've started another blog that will sorta be our family/pregnancy blog. Feel free to follow along there too! The address is I'll make a link at the top of the blog too.

Also, I've taken TONS of pictures since my last post, I'll get those posted soon too!


AJ and Sarah said...

Looks great! So sleek and modern! What is the paint color?

Quartz Floor Tiles said...

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bryan grant photo said...

looks like you guys had alot of fun with the remodel. looks like it paid off