Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend Work

We've had quite a busy weekend so far! Didn't start out so great for me though, I woke up Thursday morning with the flu and I'm just now starting to feel better...thank goodness for in-laws who come to help move furniture!! The carpet was installed Friday without a hitch and it looks awesome, the craft room is an entirely different room (I'll show pictures later when it's all set up, right now it's full of CRAP...again). We had to remove the carpet and patch up some saggy spots in the living room, and when we did, we found that the sub floor was basically pressed cardboard. So, we decided to just take it all out!! What a many nails (we filled two large McDonalds cups with nails), and it came up in little pieces:

Here it is with the new sub floor. And outside, you can see 9 jumbo sized trash bags full of stupid pressed cardboard ready to go to the curb:

And onto a happy picture...OUR NEW LIVING ROOM!!! Ryan's enjoying his first cup of coffee, watching a Sham-Wow commercial. It's not at all finished yet, and these couches will go back into our front room once that is finished, but I just wanted to get a picture on here of how it's coming along :)


Ashley Hedges said...

It looks great Jane! You deserve a big break soon.

LAL said...

Woo hoo! It's all coming together!!! Love it!