Monday, December 08, 2008

"Non-Dog Related/My Husband Might Kill Me" post :)

To start off, here is a little history about our house. My husband and I bought our house in September of 2005. It was our first home, and we didn't care how much work we had to put into it (maybe because we knew in the back of our minds that Ryan's family was coming up on day one to help!). Every room was painted, new carpet put down in the back rec room, replaced the floor in the laundry room then topped it off with a new tile floor, and most importantly, removed the collection of forks that was VELCROED to the wall in the kitchen...yes, you read that correctly...velcroed.

It seems like we are always doing something to our house at any given time. Most recently it was freshening up the exterior with new windows, fiber cement siding to replace the awful patchwork of cedar shingles, and a brand new paint color. Before that it was landscaping (thanks again to the in-laws help) and before that the addition of a new bathroom (once again, with lots of help from the in-laws!).

One room we didn't really touch was the third bedroom in the very back of the house. About 20 years ago, the garage of the house was converted into a large living room and a third bedroom was added to the back. It had white, warped wood paneling and lovely brown astro-turf for carpet. It's a cold room in the winter, and hot as heck in the summer but worked great for me as a craft room. One weekend while I was at a trade show for work, Ryan (and his wonderful mother...the in-laws, again!) completely surprised me with a new paint job and a clean up/organization for the craft room. I LOVED it. Here is the craft room door from the rec room (oops, there's Crosley):

And here is what it looked like after the re-vamp...look at this organization...too bad it never looked like this again after that day :)

Even the old, half broken bookshelf got a new paint job and new accessories! That painting right there is another story, I started that maybe 4 years ago, it was going to be a present for my dad, but I never finished it because I'm scared of painting eyes...ha!

So, now it's demolition time again. As I mentioned earlier, this room is COLD in the winter, so we (when I say "we" of course I mean Ryan and his father) tore out all of the walls, trashed the astro-turf, found evidence of the squirrels we kept hearing in the walls, and put in some new insulation. Here is my craft room now:

Walnut/More Evidence:

Now, here comes the "My Husband Might Kill Me" part of the post. Ryan hates it when people see our house in a mess, even when it's clear that we are doing some remodeling. So, just for him (love you, dear), here is what our rec room looks like right now :)

I could spend hours pointing out things that could be thrown away, unfinished projects (my friend Hillie's shirt hanging on the chair) and things that I haven't seen in a few years...but I'll save that for another post :)


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lol! that's pretty much what our dining room looked like when our kitchen was being gutted...hope you get your craft room back soon!