Sunday, December 21, 2008

House Update

A recap of the weekend:

While re-drywalling the craft room, and starting from scratch on the master bathroom, my husband, Ryan, also wanted to get our attic insulated. We had someone come out to check our heater because, as I mentioned before, the back of the house is a lot colder than the rest of the house. Apparently, our attic had about three inches of insulation, compared to the sixteen or so inches that is code...oops. So Saturday while I was priming and painting my rear off, Ryan and my father-in-law took on the task of insulating the attic. Of course, we ran into unexpected things, like finding out that the heating ducts weren't really attached to the vents, meaning we were heating our attic these past three years! Here are a couple of pictures of the attic...the pink stuff is the new insulation, the beige colored stuff is the old:

Oh, and here is a picture of the hole where my father-in-law fell through the ceiling...yep, fell through. This little section of dry wall wasn't installed properly, the previous owners took the easy way out, and decided not to tape and mud the drywall...we've come to notice that the previous owners took the easy way out on A LOT of things in this house. Back to the hole in the ceiling...everything was ok, my father-in-law, being the stud that he is, caught himself before really falling on to the pile of crap that was beneath him :)

Now back to the bathroom, here is the tile pre-grout:

And here's Ryan and his dad getting the grout in...what a team!

And here is what the bathroom looks like as of tonight...all grouted, painted and light up:

Obviously I can't have a post without the dogs:

And here's a quick glimpse of me on one of the "breaks" I took while paint was drying :)

Not sure if I'll post again before Christmas, so if I don't, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


leesia said...

i love the last two images! such a slice-of-life feeling with the two dogs laying peacefully on each other, and the self-portrait in the ornament reflection is so creative!

Jen said...

I really think you need to add a few more projects to your list. Your posts are hilarious...your poor father-in-law! But hey, the results look amazing and I think you all will be much warmer now.

Don't forget about lunch when we get back to work!