Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Jumping Dog Experiment

Inspired by the jumping picture of Blu from a couple posts back, I took my dogs outside the other day to try to get some pictures of them jumping...well, it's a lot harder with only one person! I'm sure my neighbors had a kick seeing me holding a stick in the air with one hand, but bending down and stretching my other arm out enough so I can hold my camera close to the ground. I might actually consider it a work out :)

Here are some of the slightly out of focus shots that I got...I think Larkins ears look so funny in this first one:

The black lab puppies are coming to stay the night with us tonight, so there will definitely be more adorable pictures of them coming up!


Bev said...

Love your jumping series! I'm sure the neighbors were entertained.

Claire said...

fun action series!! i always mean to get photos of roux like that, but it means i'd have to talk someone into holding a treat up there while i keep trying different angles, shutter speeds, iso's.....
one of these days i'll talk someone into it!