Monday, October 13, 2008

They're learning!

So, after weeks, months maybe, of taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of my two dogs, I believe they are finally starting to "pose" for me!

I am beginning the process of building up a portfolio, which will hopefully lead to a real website, which will hopefully then lead to a successful side business for me! I graduated school with a general art major, focusing on photography and painting, and have always wanted to follow my dreams of being a photographer. Photography has been on the back burner since graduating, but I have really felt an itch to get back into it lately, especially with photographing animals. So, the goal is to get all these ideas that are floating around in my head organized...and then roll with it :) Thanks to all the inspirational photographers out there who have helped me remember how much I love photography!

* this also means there will be quiet a few more pictures of my dogs showing up, especially since they are willing participants now :)

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Jamie 'Cowbelly' said...

Oh my gosh! Your dogs look like my dog Fergie. They are (all) so darling. Thanks so much for the add to your blogroll! Being the good little blogger that I am, I just added you to mine, hee hee. :-)